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Saliva-Check Mutans from GC:In-office test for rapid detection of high levels of Streptococcus Mutans

Saliva-Check Mutans from GC:
In-office test for rapid detection of high levels of Streptococcus Mutans

Monitor and identify the main caries causing bacteria

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Saliva-Check Mutans

In-office test for rapid detection of high levels of streptococcus mutans

The Streptococcus Mutans bacterial species plays a leading role in the initiation of dental caries. Saliva-Check Mutans uses a very specific immunochromatography process, not reliant on bacteria growth. This means incubators or other devices are not needed and accurate results are available in just 15 minutes.
The test strip contains 2 monoclonal antibodies that selectively detect only the S.mutans species, meaning no other bacteria contaminate the results.
Who to test
  • New patients, particularly children and the elderly
  • Patients with lower natural oral protection because of low salivary flow
  • Patients with an acidic diet, low oral pH or high frequency of fermentable carbohydrates
  • Patients undergoing periodontal treatment due to higher risk of root surface caries
  • Patients before extensive restorative treatment to avoid recurrence of cavitations
  • Soon to be parents or young child carers, to prevent transmission
  • Results available in 15 min only, without any special equipment
  • Using 2 monoclonal antibodies only Streptococcus Mutans is detected and no other bacteria species
  • Enhances the motivation of patients with low salivary flow or low oral pH, with an acidic diet or high frequency of carbohydrate
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ManualSaliva-Check Mutans Technique Guide
LeafletsSaliva-Check Mutans
MI Booklet
Minimum Intervention
MI Dentistry Handbook
SCB Test Result Form
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